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Business Intelligence Solution

Business Analysis is the essential tool for executive decision support system in the present competitive and dynamic business world. A-HOST provides complete solution of Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) for various scale of customers range from small to large enterprise corporate, covering all aspects a customer may need or look for.

Our solution is built starting with “ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load)” of the huge raw transaction database from several data sources and multiple platforms into a Data Mart (DM) or a Data Warehouse (DW) and build more simply understandable management views for the Executives by “Building Multi-Dimensional Analytical Reports and Executive Dashboards”.

In addition, we have developed our own sets of executive dashboards, named as “Dynamic Dashboard”. This solution is designed for best suited to the executive and management view which requires responsive and easy-to-understand presentation.

Business Intelligence Solution Integration

In the view of solution integration, we have built experience and expertise in building the integrated solution based on world-class software, hardware, and services including the following products.

       • Oracle Database and IBM DB/2 as the relational database
       • Oracle Hyperion Essbase and IBM Cognos PowerCubes as the multi-dimensional database
       • Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB), Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), and IBM Data Manager as the ETL tools
       • IBM Cognos and Oracle BI as the reporting tool
       • Pentaho, the open-source software product, as the reporting tool

Hardware and Appliance:
       • IBM Netezza
       • Oracle Exadata
       • The traditional machine such as IBM System P, IBM System X, and other Intel-Based Servers

Implementation Service:
We provide professional services with experienced personnel of both functional and technical knowledge. Our functional consultants are knowledgeable in ERP Application with a variety of industry knowledge including trading, manufacturing, and banking. Our technical consultants are certified by software or hardware product owners, including Oracle and IBM.

As for application and system support, we can also provide an ongoing support to our customers, either as a primary or a secondary support.

Benefits of A-HOST BI Solutions:

We expect that our customers can achieve the following benefits from our BI solutions:
       • Accelerating reporting cycles - Our solution can deliver more timely results to the stakeholders
       • Performing strategic analysis - One will spend less time on processing and more time on value-added analysis
       • A single truth - Our solution can provide a single version of the truth to support management decision