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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Co-Operative Education Program (Co-Ed)

With our philosophy in developing human resources as a key success factor in service business as well as for the social value of the country, A-HOST and our business alliance jointly organize an education support program with a number of universities so called “Co-operative Education Program” or “Co-Ed Program”. The objective of this program is to prepare the mandatory IT skills and experience to the students before graduation so that the companies can recruit the well-trained and ready-to-work new graduated people with short learning cycle as employee.


The program will provide effective classroom training of IT skills and practicing with on-the-job training in the real commercial projects to the students during their 4th year education as one of the curriculum. This program will enable the students to have real experience and IT skills which are mostly and commonly required in the market and apply their academic knowledge and special training from the program to the real working environment.


Benefits to the Co-Ed Students:

    1. Able to attend the valuable training of world-class products and technologies which commonly required in most of companies.
    2. Opportunity to get in touch with the real working environment and on the job experience for better understanding more than learning in academy.
    3. Get advantages to know your own preference and competency in job category and career path that support your future plan.
    4. Increase job opportunities to work with A-HOST after graduation.