01 Business Intelligence (BI)

Analyzing data for business decisions helps reflect the final product, analyze possibilities, find causes for problems, and increase business opportunities, enhancing business efficiency.

Experience and expertise in developing IT systems for many businesses makes us leaders in BI services for many businesses. From deep analytics, predictive analytics, and Machine Learning, using tools like Oracle Business Intelligence, IBM Cognos Analysis, and Microsoft Power BI allows us to analyze data quickly and efficiently, with many interesting and different presentations.

02 Data Warehousing

Data is vital to conducting business, so Data Warehouses are also important. To combine and manage large amounts of data from varying sources with the goal of implementing that data to use in many forms including: simplifying and centralizing company data, and using that data to analyze and help decision making and charting the course for the future. Important factors to managing Data Warehouses include business model framework and accurate data gathering.

Our expertise in designing and developing business models and Data Integration using a variety of tools including Oracle Data Integrator or IBM DataStage aids us in designing Data Warehouses, resulting in more diverse and complete solutions.

A-HOST provides a business unlock service as part of the SMART Services Package, our development team has expertise in the development of products and services as we are determined to meet the needs of our clients.



Prepares data storage space and plans database design for increasing system efficiency, and to achieve the set goal.


Is the combination of data in many forms. Extra analysis can be added, and being able to see the full scope of business from different departments helps us see the probable path for business, creating new opportunities for the organization.


Compiles data for business analysis, speeding decision making for more accurate and clear targets using data from complex data graphs, including seeing competitive advantages.

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