Microsoft Solution

A-HOST officially became a Microsoft partner to distribute their products, along with being certified by Microsoft as experts in solution services.

Why should you choose Microsoft from A-HOST?


  • EXPERT operates with experts in accordance with Best Practice, and A-HOST is certified by Microsoft (AZURE Certificate)
  • One-Stop Services A-HOST offers complete IT services, from consultance, planning, appraisal, and implementation. A-HOST handles systems like Migration, creation of new systems on AZURE Cloud (Provision), and Hybrid Connection. We also offer database migration in both Microsoft SQL and Oracle servers.

Microsoft Product & Solution

Microsoft AZURE

Cloud system that gives the organization freedom to create, manage, and configure different applications openly.

Power BI

Software and Application service that works together to replace irrrelevant data with complex relevant data.


Cloud program for website building. Also a system for storing, arranging, sharing, and accessing data from different devices.

Azure Active Directory

Is an Identity & Access Management service for controlling Cloud System access that allows for seamless Single Sign-On between the Data Center and Cloud System.

Power Automation

Is a Cloud System service that creates a workflow that automates time consuming processes for different applicants and services.

What A-HOST Offers?

A-HOST is ready to service the needs of your organization with the SURE Services Package. Our development team has expertise in developing and building on products and services. A-HOST is determined to answer all your requests.

SURE Migration

Our Cloud System Integration planning helps reduce cost and workload, and increases work efficiency.


Be better prepared by backing up data and planning a security system for maximum safety.

SURE Managed Services

Manages the systems of a large organization for all forms of business.

Free First Consultation

A-HOST is honor to provide advice and Managed Services. Contact us for more information at tel. 02-298-0625-32 ext.4509 or E-mail

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