What are some benefits to working at A-HOST?

Creating opportunities to reveal the true limits of your capabilities.

A-HOST is a company created by new generation people that have maintained continued growth for over 20 years. Every employee will develop a high level of knowledge, skillset, and expertise in Information Technology. They will use this ability to create top of the line service to ensure client satisfaction, getting rightfully rewarded for said service.

A-HOST welcomes new generation people that have agency to continuously develop work capacity, are always learning about new technologies, are ready to become a driving force for growth, to create an ideal future for self and organization.


Because we are family

We emphasize work that combines different schools of thought with a modern workflow that emphasizes creating an open environment for employees to share ideas and thoughts. This leads to our employees feeling connected like a family, doing the work they love in the manner that they want, feeling content whilst achieving success in their careers.


A-HOST =  A Happy Organization and Successful Team

Developing Expertise

Discover and Empower

A-HOST constantly prioritizes policies that encourage and enhance the potential of our employees, both with their work attitude, professionalism, and technical skills to ensure our clients that A-HOST employees are up to date with modern technology in the rapidly evolving IT industry. This knowledge in contemporary methods allows our employees to maintain a high standard of quality of work in any given assignment, meanwhile making sure that they manage a fitting work-life balance.

Employee Benefits

Our care extends further from the office, at A-HOST we treat our employees like family, we hold fun events during many festival seasons, and we encourage all workers to maintain good physical health. Our health benefits include sufficient nursing, a fitness program for employees, and other services to aid in maintaining a good balance in life for our employees. We want our employees to have be healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally, and these activities also serve as a way for them to socialize and get to know each other better

Health Care benefits

  • Health checkup before starting work
  • Dental coverage
  • Health insurance
  • Optician fees

Safety & Security Life

Safety & Security Life Benefits

  • Life insurance
  • Emergency monetary aid
  • Social security and compensation fund
  • Provident fund

Happiness & Relaxation

  • Remote Seminars
  • Yearly out-of-province seminar retreats
  • Employee rewards
  • Excellence Award
  • Yearly bonus