Cloud Platform

Cloud technology plays a major role in modern businesses. Many businesses accept this and enact cloud business development policies, but some organizations encounter problems in adopting Cloud Technology for business use, including designing Cloud technology systems, selecting the right Cloud Components, and planning costs after doing business.

Other than this, many organizations give importance to Information stability and security for sensitive data to many threats, able to see in damage to important shared data, resulting in immeasurable damage and a tarnished company reputation.

A-HOST have been experts in Application Hosting, Data Center Management, and IT Service Management for more than 19 years and are trusted by many top companies internationally.

A-HOST Trusted Cloud with Managed Services is a service that helps organizations utilize Cloud Technology effectively, with data confidence and security. A-HOST can provide a variety of services, from consultancy in finding the right Cloud Architecture, cost planning, Cloud Infrastructure migration, and even implementation, migration, and system management services, with expertise in creating solutions that covers every need of use, with 3 parts of service.


Cloud Transformation & Migration

Migrating systems from On Premises to On Cloud requires consideration of important factors in Migration, Integration, Operation, and Governance & Compliance. Cloud Transformation services will help consider the best choice for using Cloud systems appropriately, predicting system risks and planning an IT development Roadmap for the long term.

Other than that, with some company requirements that need important data stored within the organization or locally, for the purpose of backing up the data, A-HOST is able to design Cloud system usage plans compatible with existing systems for efficient use with Hybrid Cloud Service.

Altogether, technology consultation, and choosing the correct system from the start of planning Cloud system use, will build trust in real use, so that organizations can get maximum value from their Cloud technology.

Cloud Managed Services

Even though Cloud technology simplifies and speeds up business, there is another important component to it, Maintenance and checks that maintain security, availability, and continuity. If this care is neglected, problems can occur that affect the business as a whole both in the short and long term. With expertise in providing complete service, or A-HOST’s so called “Managed Service” can help Cloud system usage go smoothly for your business needs.



Effective System management supporter: with processes that meet regular standards closely supporting every technological component leading to success.

Cost Saving

Helps evaluate use and plan costs appropriately with business growth, and consistent service.


Provides flexibility in choosing a variety of Cloud Services including Public Cloud, Local Cloud, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud, helping provide correct and appropriate solutions for every business.


Gives consultation, designs and improves services to the liking of each organization, including experts with deep understanding in business to accommodate specialized and varied requests.

Risk Management

Our Risk Management services implements policies that support and find ways to protect against risks, to gain trust, availability, and continued safety.

Free First Consultation

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