Managed Services

Ready to provide important IT system management services, helping support and drive business activities with proficiency without worry.

Increases efficiency and viability in competition, making sure your business receives a safe and controllable IT structure. When a business grows, IT system usage becomes more relevant, certain IT conditions and outside factors play a larger part, so Managed Services becomes more widely used.

Why Choose A-HOST Managed Services?

Better Financial Planning

Helps in forecasting and controlling costs effectively, which can be adjusted according to the IT growth of your organization.

Improve Risk Management

Management to reduce risk, from the individual risk to the infrastructure of the system. Helps to adhere to best practices and reduce risks associated with providing services.

High Availability, Efficiency & Productivity

Increase the efficiency of the system to work continuously and be ready to use.

Access to Latest Technology

Service from a team of experts who keep the system up to date at all times.

Database Managed Service

Service for managing database systems for readiness and efficiency. With our experienced team that is ready to answer your database requests 24 hours a day and routinely check system efficiency for maximum security.


Complete database management service. We are responsible for the technical side that deals with constructing and managing existing databases, especially important databases in Production.


This service allows for efficient database response and processing time, whether that be during accessing or managing data for maximum response speed.


For maintaining systems for around the clock use, preventing any risks that could happen at any time.

Implementation & Migration

Increases business efficiency by trusting in our implementation and migration service.


Provides consultation and design for IT and database systems to solve any problem or find any flaws to accommodate client needs as much as possible.


Installation service run by highly experienced experts that solidifies trust in service.


Analyzes risks and reduces impact on processes for maximum value to accommodate future growth.

Back Up and Recovery Services

Reduces risk from unexpected situations by providing a backup installation, recovery testing service, our clients can trust that their databases are stable, secure, and can continually be used for business.


System design service, including planning the process for backing up and restoring the database system. To prevent damage or loss of data to enable continuous business operations.


Complete backup system installation service using Oracle Data Guard that creates, maintains, manages, and monitors databases. Helps you ensure high availability, data protection, and disaster recovery for your organization's data.


Near Real Time backup system installation service using Oracle Golden Gate enables effective use of real-time data integration and ensures increased security.


Service for installing a backup data system using DBvisit to verify continuity. Reduce business risk and protect data.

System Security Services

Providing services that are ready to perfectly protect and maintain your organization’s IT systems.


Designs and manages DR site backup systems by maintaining system security along with service that considers customer satisfaction first, for efficiency, and readiness.


IT Resource service structure. Functional types such as DBA Service, System Service, IT Support Service.


IT Resource service structure. Functional types such as DBA Service, System Service, IT Support Service.


Service complete with installation, planning, and managing Security systems by focusing on maximum data security to increase your business efficiency.

OS/DB Hardening

Increase safety for working systems to protect ungranted outsider access and increase secure work efficiency, security, readiness, and completeness.

Application Managed Service

Application Management Service strengthens organization businesses and makes work encompass IT systems fully. We have a team to help support within the organization, to help find solutions from managing systematic problems, amendments, to updating and using new platforms.

Plan and Manage System Resource

A Plan and Manage system that meets standards makes processes go smoothly and according to plan.

Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Constant monitoring so that clients no longer have to worry about system or data damage.

Backup and Restoration

Constantly monitoring systems to fit with work for maximum capacity and stability.

Adequate Skill and Professional Support

Reducing time solving problems that occur with the system by giving advice and consultation on certain solutions.

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