Company Background


A-HOST was founded in 1999 as a coming together of IT experts with powerful determination and purpose, creating the country’s first Application Service Provider. After more than 20 years, A-HOST is still steadily growing and expanding its reach in both goods and services. We also became an important partner for Oracle, receiving the “Oracle Premium Partners” title.


In 2011, A-HOST encountered a new challenge when we became partners with IBM as a distributor of hardware and software as an IBM Premier Business Partner. This was an important step in A-HOST becoming a better service provider for our clients, allowing us to utilize more forms of technology, our clients have a variety of technological choices that better suit their needs to carry business more efficiently, steadily, and sufficiently. A-HOST has made a path to becoming a leader in the technology business, we have received numerous awards as important partners to IBM and Oracle, with these partnerships we provide quality service that includes experts in every technological field, and our workflow meets the standards of IT service.


In 2016, A-HOST went through a Digital Transformation with the purpose of supporting our clients’ purpose using important technological support.