Software Development

From over 20 years of service, A-HOST has gained knowledge in various Applications that our clients might have functional limitations with that need enhancing. A-HOST created our IT Software Development team that is capable of developing programs that enhance capabilities in application systems for our clients to use for great value and benefit in invested systems, we call this service “MAX”, with the goal of:

  • Helping systems better accommodate the niches of different organizations
  • Being able to connect other Applications from different fields effectively
  • Helping improve/ finance Licensing payments for systems to fit budget
  • Provide safer and more convenient access for users

MAX Automation

A service that increases work efficiency by connecting systems and messengers through software to change system workflow with automatic data storage and processing, focusing on reducing human record and processing errors.


  • Decreases complication in Double Entry and Human error
  • Connects processing of ERP systems and other specialized applications
  • Increases processing speed by linking data real-time
  • Simplifies management systems with matching data
  • Increases data security and trustworthiness.

MAX Customization

A service that increases Application capabilities from the clients’ original system by designing and developing a system for increased Application support and saving Licensing Cost to the bare minimum for maximum efficiency.


  • Increases Application system capabilities
  • Decreases Licensing costs by focusing on real valuable use
  • Helps enhance company Business Processes.

MAX Authentication

Authentication and Identification service with Single Sign-On that allows to systems to operate on a single form, ensuring secure and convenient data management and access.


  • Helps manage customer access
  • Customers are able to use any account to identify themselves
  • Available on both as a website and mobile application
  • Supports PDPA which ensures dedication in customer access security

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