IT Management Consulting Service (IMC)

From the experience of selling products and providing services of A-HOST to more than 100 customers in various businesses, we have found that there are many organizations are struggle with problems in bringing information technology systems (: IT systems) to applied in the organization processes for benefits and support of business operations. Some organizations had invested and found that’s not worth for. Some organizations were unable to achieve their intended objectives and many other problems without being able to identify the root cause of not achieving the referred objectives.

A-HOST has seen these problems faced by customers. Therefore, the IT Management Consulting Service (IMC) has been designed to offer IT consulting to senior executives of the organization. To assess the nature of the problem and study the needs of the business, analyze the impacts in a comprehensive manner and determine guidelines for comprehensive information technology system improvement and present it to senior management in order to make decisions on improving the current IT plan and to be able to determine future IT plans, both short-term and long-term. Also known as IT Master Plan.

A-HOST has designed a consulting service process (IMC Service Process) that can fully meet the needs of each organization. By using modern technology Good practices (Best Practices) accepted around the world and IT work process standards that are appropriate for that organization to analyze, design, and recommend approaches, processes, and options. To respond to the objectives of the executives by considering covering many important dimensions which include:

1. System

Executives will receive information and have an understanding of accurate information that sufficient for consideration and decision to improve comprehensive IT system management, leading to appropriate IT system investment selection and in line with the organization’s business plan. Also be able to solve problems currently being encountered in a straightforward manner or prevent problems that may occur creates value for both short-term and long-term investments.

2. Process

Organizations can develop or improve IT operational processes within the organization to standards effective and the results can be clearly measured.

The organization can have better risk management and has the ability to conduct business continuously in accordance with accepted standards or regulations of regulatory agencies. Also be able to consider taking steps to improve IT system management to be efficient in order of importance and according to an appropriate budget

3. People

Organizations can manage existing IT personnel efficiently and cost effectively. Be able to plan workforce structure and developing personnel’s abilities appropriately according to the nature of their work and the organization’s IT master plan. Capable to clearly and fairly evaluate the performance and abilities of personnel.

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