Pioneering Spirit

  • A-HOST was founded with the bravery to face contention and conflict, and the perspicacity to find new and better solutions for our clients’ businesses, even with things that seem uncharted, difficult, or that most people cannot do.


  • Our Pioneering Spirit is not just aspiration, but it is the culmination of our minds in the pursuit of innovation before anyone else, whether that be in goods, services or systems. We can adapt cutting-edge technology and use it fittingly to suit our clients, so that they are the first to react in every situation.


“Because we believe that our clients will face ever-changing contention, the traditional answers are insufficient for building a business that can overcome them.”


  • Modern businesses have to rely on modern, complicated technology which requires advice and consultation from experts that not only know the subject, but are reliable mentors who prioritize the success of our clients. They will find the best solutions for your needs, considering all possibilities to find the most effective and cost-efficient choice in the long run.


  • One of A-HOST’s defining attributes as a Professional Services provider is the ability to forge and foster a workforce that has complete expertise in every product that we offer to our clients. We help our experts reach their full potential for your benefit and limitless growth.

Service Excellence

A-HOST does not offer goods, but services. We are determined to provide exceptional service for our clients and partners that give us the opportunity to thrive and do business together. We hope that with our reliable services, our clients and partners are able to exert effort, resources, and time into doing the business they want to do without having to worry about using complicated technological systems.


A-HOST believes that there are four main factors that contribute to our continued quality of remarkable services

Deals we have with our clients
Our deals with our clients and partners prioritize our combined success, and client satisfaction is paramount
Design and development
Design and development services and business systems with the understanding of our clients' interests that align with the circumstances to achieve our goal
Developing personnel
We develop our personnel to be skillful and highly effective workers who are service minded and intelligent. They have a passion for service and support.
Knowledge Accumulation
Knowledge Accumulation and utilizing modern tools for our services.

Innovations for People

As a company that works in Information Technology, A-HOST has spawned innovations that have benefitted countless businesses. We believe that with the right mindset, we can bring in our innovations and potential to use in progressive ways, both in our businesses and our society.


A-HOST has identified two main problems in Thai society:

  • The lack of opportunity for people in provinces outside of big metropolitan areas for education and experience in the field of IT.
  • The lack of occupations that require Thai people to fulfill their full potential


Even though both of these problems are structural problems that many believe are the government’s responsibilities alone, A-HOST sees that companies such as ourselves can contribute to a small, but meaningful part of the change.


In any given year, our group of companies gives funds in support of educational organizations that aim to develop skills in IT to hundreds of students in many universities in provinces outside of Bangkok. This has resulted in these students being able to elevate their skills in IT to a level comparable to students in top universities. We are also opening a Resource Center in the upcountry to serve as a hub for forward-looking IT for the students.