An opportunity to build a future

Our human resources philosophy is a pivotal factor in business at A-HOST, along with companies we associate with, we created an educational support service program for many universities to create opportunities for students to gain experience and be prepared for work. In these internships they get to use their skills in real world situations. We believe this is an important part of developing human resources to ensure business interest in the future.

Starting a work lifestyle is a difficult step for many newly graduated students.

We ensure that we will prepare all students to be ready for this step,

helping them find the right path for themselves.

A recurring part of our internships is allowing our students to gain real experience,

developing and applying critical thinking to make sure they are prepared and are able to operate at full capacity in their future occupations. We also make sure that our internship is a memorable experience.

We create a memorable experience by

  • Cultivating a good attitude and unique perspective for real jobs
  • Creating real work opportunities for enhanced understanding compared to learning under institutions
  • Helping students find their skills and work preferences as a good starting point for their career path
  • Creating opportunities for students to work at A-HOST after graduation