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Why to be A-HOST Partners?


B - Better Understanding of Partners’ Business

A-HOST realizes that different partners have different strategies, competency, and needs. We customize our partner development program, regarding Marketing & Sales Engagement, Presales Support, and Skill Development, to strengthen our partners’ skills and competitiveness. Our assistance is mainly focused on helping each partner achieving their success.

E - Expertise in Database & IT Solution

More than 12 years of extensive experiences with Database, Development tool products, and IT solutions as well as other comprehensive technical support and services, partners can request technical assistant and support from A-HOST to accomplish their IT solutions and business solutions effectively and competitively.

S - Sustainable Competitive Advantages

The more rapidly change in technology, the higher investment in our human resource development to sustain our strong technology leadership and competitive advantage. We consistently retain a strong talent and technical resources dedicated to develop skills on new products and new technologies to be able to support and help our partners.

T - Total and Comprehensive Support

By combining our expertise, experience, and competitive advantages, A-HOST is able to provide complete solution and comprehensive support including Hardware and Software Product knowledge, Presale Support, Sales and Marketing Support, Technical Consulting, Education, and Business Application to our partners for their specific goal.