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Being an IT Professional Service Company, A-HOST realizes that the human resource is the most valuable assets and talents of the organization. We spend a huge of investment in developing skills, competency, talents, and experience of our service personnel as well as cultivate good business ethics and the company philosophy throughout the organization to be able to provide excellent services to our customers.

Commitment To Excellence

     • Commitment to Oneself - Responsible, Ownership, Open Mind, and Self Improvement
     • Commitment to Customer - Customer is the key success of company and everyone
     • Commitment to Work - Working for success, not only finish
     • Commitment to Company - Being a good Representative of the Company. Confident in Company, and Product

Customers “Peace Of Mind” is our Ultimate Objective

Our products and services are made available to alleviate the customers concerns on the technicality and complexity of day-to-day administration of the system as well as to deliver the suitable IT solutions to resolve the customers’ business issues. This allows the customers to put resources and concentration on matters that are strategically important to their core business and gain “Peace-of-Mind” for the IT Management matters

A-HOST Service Policy

A-HOST has set up the corporate policy for all type of services provided to the customers to ensure that the customer satisfaction is achieved. A-HOST Service Policy is focused on achieving three main goals of service rendering consist of Satisfaction, Quality, and Productivity; so called “SQP Service Policy”.

S - Satisfaction:

A-HOST has positioned us to be a long-term partner to our customers. Therefore, all A-HOST service personnel are trained for good service-minded and satisfaction-oriented to ensure that the relationship with our customers as partner-like is achieved.

Q - Quality:

We believe that providing quality service to the customers is a beginning step to winning customer satisfaction. Therefore, our service processes are designed to ensure that the service quality could be achieved at all steps of service rendering.

P - Productivity:

Our most important asset is our team of highly skilled technology and business consulting personnel who bring with them extensive experiences and qualifications. This is the key success factor to achieve the productive service provided to the customers and the service is delivered in accordance with the SQP Service Plan.