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Application Hosting Service

A-HOST’s Application Hosting Services revolutionize the way in which businesses deploy and support Oracle Applications by delivering Oracle ERP Applications as “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) concept rather than selling a product. By changing the way in which enterprise ERP applications are installed, maintained and scaled, our Application Hosting Service solution enables small to large companies who have previously wanted to own Oracle for its high functionality and sophistication of Oracle ERP Applications, but considered the cost too high.

Using a combination of software, hardware, networking technologies, technical expertise, and skilled IT service personnel, A-HOST’s Application Hosting Services provide superior system performance, increased security, reliability and scalability over traditional corporate-owned, in-house operated systems without a significant up-front financial commitment. A-HOST hosts Oracle Applications and databases, which allow us to provide a 100% integrated suite of Applications that helps our clients leverage the latest technologies with the least amount of risk and expense. 


Adding Oracle Database Administration

A-HOST’s Oracle Database Administration Services are backed by highly qualified staff. We pride ourselves on our ability to partner with our clients to offer customer specific solutions for all their Oracle Applications and database Hosting needs - from up-times, disaster recovery and backup strategy to fail-over options. A-HOST manages all the backend hardware and infrastructure so that our clients can concentrate on their core businesses.

Adding Security, Backup, Scalability and Disaster Recovery

With A-HOST’s standby option, enterprise customers need not worry about data loss. In the event that the primary database is destroyed or corrupted, a failover will be performed. This option creates a database replica by applying current transaction histories.